The Blacker the Berry…

Top 5 Cringe Worthy Comments About Dark Skinned

Oh the joy of being dark skinned…
And when I say dark skinned, I’m not referring to the light skinned people with a tan. Nor am I referring to American Indians. I am speaking of actual dark skinned, dark-brown skinned (as one of my former students would call it), people who probably should not take a picture without a flash in the night time.

In today’s world being dark skinned is not so bad; actually it’s great!….on social media. There are numerous of groups via social media that will make you feel so good about your skin tone. And now, there’s a new term that makes this used-to-be flaw a great asset: Melanin! The rise of social media has been a great addition to our self-esteem and it gave most of us the confidence to post pictures without having to lighten it or use a filter. Posting pictures in our true black beauty almost always solicits comments such as “Yaaaas melanin”, “Melanin poppin” and of course those little cute heart eyes emoji’s. But lets be real, the appreciation of the darker skin tone usually starts an ends with social media.

When you are dark like me, chances are you have experienced some colorism at some point in your life. Or maybe you have heard some phrases that may have not sat well with you. Although I appreciate my dark skin tone today, there have always been certain phrases that still makes me secretly cringe every time I hear it. So here my top five cringe worthy comments about my own skin to

5. You’re pretty….for a dark skinned girl.

Wheeww Chile. Now I’m not going to lie, when I was younger (middle to high school), I used to think this was actually a compliment. Because in my mind, I was made to believe that dark skinned people were unattractive so to hear that I was “pretty for a dark skinned girl” sounded like a win to me. But in reality it is just a backwards compliment, and insulting to be frank.

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4. “I have a *insert family member or friend* who is almost as dark as you”

Ok, honestly. Why do I have to be compared to someone who is only almost as dark as me? That means he/she is not even my complexion which makes the above statement null and void.

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3. “What do you need sunscreen for…? You can’t get any darker”

Yes, I may produce more melanin but guess what, I CAN STILL GET SUN BURNED! And skin cancer does not discriminate .

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2. “You shouldn’t marry a dark skinned man because your babies will be too black”
Well first of all…. who said I had an issue with my babies being dark skinned? and second of all, why do you have a concern with what my babies will look like?

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  1. “Oh you’re dark skinned. Let’s take a look at these darker lipstick colors because they go well with your skin.”
    Ummm…. I have rocked bright colors as confidently as I have rocked the darker colors. It’s all about how you wear each shade. But most importantly, I can wear whatever colors I want to wear!
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Did I miss any? Comment down below with some of the comments about dark skinned that you are tired of hearing. Let’s chat!

-The Ghanamerican

5 thoughts on “The Blacker the Berry…

  1. I’m white, well actually, I’m pink! I’ve got walm undertones…I think they call it. What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t experienced these kind of comments myself. And so I think it is absolutely abhorrent that anybody should be making such ignorant comments about anybodies skin colour. Who do people think they are telling others who not to marry based on the tone of your skin. If you’ve been through this i’m appauled. Thank you for sharing this. Shocking as to how horrible and utterly judgemental and totally out of order some people can be.

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  2. Ummm, those are outrageous! (Except number 1, I could see from an esthetician’s pov that they’re trying to apply what they know. It’d be like advising me away from bright red lipstick). The others are extremely rude! My son is Ethiopian with beautiful soft, dark skin and we have had comments on his skin from his own grandparents (who we now don’t see anymore). It is amazing the gall of people. I’m sticking around and following because I want to keep learning so I don’t raise my son in ignorance. Becca

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  3. The crazy part is I’ve done it to myself as a child, “I need to get out this sun I’m gonna get too black.” As an adult I shake my head at my younger self. My youth also wasn’t a time when parents worrried about how my self imaged affected me. You learn what beauty is through peers and tv.

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